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Volume I, No. 1

By Frank M. Jordan

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What Factors Determine Optimum Beta Glucan Effectiveness in Immune System Potentiation and How do Beta Glucan Products Compare?

The Key to Optimum Immune System Potentiation by Beta Glucan

Would you want to fight a battle with only rocks to throw as a weapon, or would you prefer to have powerful bullets that pierce the enemy’s armor and kill the invaders?  You are now confronted with this alternative when deciding which Beta glucan to put in your body.

The key to optimum potentiation of your immune response is not the amount or volume of Beta glucan in the capsule or swallowed, as some competitors want you to believe. What is critical is the delivered amount of Beta glucan that is actually ingested by the white macrophage immune cells to create an effective immune response activation, after going through the digestive process and being subjected to stomach acid, enzymes and water. 

U.S. Medical School Research under the direction of Dr. K. W. Hunter, Jr., published in the peer-reviewed "Letters in Applied Microbiology" in October 2002, utilized an equivalent 10 mg dosage of microparticulate nonaggregated Beta glucan, commercially produced as MG Beta Glucan exclusively in NSC-24 Immunition products, with the following reported results,

"This microparticulate beta-glucan ..., following oral administration at 0·1 mg kg -1 for 14 d, enhanced phagocytosis of mouse peritoneal macrophages significantly better than did aggregated beta-glucan particles. Note that this dosage is equivalent to a 10-mg capsule of beta-glucan given orally to a 75-kg human. A microparticulate form of beta-glucan that ... has superior immune potentiation characteristics has been developed."

In contrast to nonaggregated microparticulate Beta glucan, globular or reaggregated glucans can be swallowed orally in large amounts, but the delivered globular glucan after enduring the digestive process required to initiate an immune response is in most cases miniscule and inadequate for globular or reaggregated glucans.

If you swallow 300 mg of globular or reaggregated Beta glucan representing 100% of the capsule content by volume and that 300 mg is only 1% delivered to immune cells, the amount of glucan available for immunopotentiation is no more than that provided by 3 mg of MG Beta glucan 100% delivered to the immune cells. This is true although the latter represents only 1% of capsule volume compared to 100% by volume for the competitor glucan.  Be cautioned that this example describes only delivered volume, and does not address the true test which is the ability of the respective products to actually activate and enhance the immune response, irregardless of amount.

The exact composition and processing procedure in extraction, sizing and preparing the Beta glucan raw material are the essential elements that determine ultimate ability of various Beta glucan products to potentiate and modulate the immune response effectively.

Year 2001-2014 Medical School Research in MG Beta Glucan

Volumes of Beta Glucan Research has been conducted during the previous 60 years of Beta Glucan Research History. It continues today and 2002-2014 U.S. Medical School research, assuming Beta Glucans of equal quality, demonstrates conclusively that globular, or reaggregated, glucan used in competitor products is at minimum less than half as effective in immuno-potentiation as MG microparticulate glucan. 

The in-vitro research has also revealed that merely increasing the volume of Beta glucan in globular or reaggregated form in a capsule or serving does not proportionately increase the immune potentiation factor and, in fact, huge doses can actually reduce effectiveness; i.e. 10 mg of a Beta glucan is equally effective as 100 mg, but often more effective than 1000 mg. 

Thus more is not necessarily better in oral Beta glucan supplements.  The type of capsule volume comparison being used often by rival glucans is similar to evaluating competitive fuels ability to produce delivered horsepower in an automobile by weighing the car!  It makes a pretty graph, but represents bogus science. 

To follow our analogy, bullets cost more than rocks and you do not buy bullets by the pound, but based on firepower.  The same is true for U.S. Patented MG Beta Glucan™, extracted and processed as a pure isolate from the yeast cell wall (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).  MG Glucan™ is not only processed to seek a microparticulate for optimum ingestion by the macrophage immune cells, but is also dis-aggregated. Disaggregated means when Beta Glucan is subjected to water in your digestive process, the microparticulate Beta glucan particles do not clump back together (reaggregate), similar to a cluster of grapes, to become globular in size again. In stark contrast, other alleged micronized oral glucan supplement products reaggregate, or clump back together after the digestive process although possibly micronized at the time of being taken orally. 

You can buy competitor Beta glucan rocks or clumps for $8-$80 in high volume dosages of 20 to 2,000 milligrams, but your immune arsenal of defense is then comprised of clumps instead of MG Glucan Immunition™ bullets.  When presented accurately, the choice is clear. The only Beta Glucan that is nonaggregated through sonication to seek a microparticulate size based on extensive U.S. Medical School research.

MG Glucan - The True Test is How Potent is the Activation of the Immune Response 

Beta glucan initiates immunity where it begins in specialized immune cells named macrophages – the first line of immune defense.  Macrophages are huge cells that grow tired or become crippled as they age.  Wave after wave of health invaders decrease their numbers and impair their ability to fight back as immune soldiers.  Disease and treatments (radiation, chemotherapy, environmental toxins, etc.) can unfortunately damage our immune cells at any point in life.  Impaired immune soldiers result in disease and death.

Globular vs Micronized Beta GlucanImmune cells receive Beta glucan after delivery through the intestine wall to the Peyer’s Patch.  Macrophages ingest a higher percentage of 1-2 micron sized Beta glucan because the receptors also are 1-2 microns; thus yielding much higher saturation than larger particles or clumps of competitor glucans. This means you have immune cells more plentiful in numbers and capabilities to attack what is attacking you, ranging from colds to cancer.

Look at the grid in photograph B above which simulates your macrophage immune cell receptors.  Electron microscope photographs A and B are from an on-going Beta glucan research project at the University of Nevada School of Medicine sponsored by Nutritional Supply Corporation and the State of Nevada.  The globular, or large particle glucan, shown in photograph A, simply cannot be ingested optimally at and by the Macrophage receptor and, for the most part, minimally or never helps boost or enhances any immune cell response. 

Dr. Kenneth W. Hunter, Immunologist in charge of the MG Glucan research at the University of Nevada School of Medicine, describes the study performed to compare microparticulate glucan immuno-potentiation to globular glucan,

“Macrophages were stimulated for 1 hour with …glucan globules (100 μg/ml), sonicated [microparticulate] glucan (100 μg/ml) or media.  After incubation the stimulant was replaced with growth media.  Twenty-four hours post-stimulation, the culture supernatant was assayed for cytokine production.”  

The higher the Nitric Oxide number, the more powerful the oxidative burst that enables the immune cells to kill invading pathogens. Research results are shown in the table below. 


Globular Glucan (μg/ml)

Sonicated Microparticulate Glucan (μg/ml)


Nitric Oxide (μM)







Dr. Hunter further states,

“…these data do indicate Glucan particle size is an important factor in the production of nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide is generated during the “oxidative burst” that kills ingested microbes [bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, etc]. This would suggest that the small particle glucan has greater ability to enhance the immune system than the globular form of glucan.”  

MG Glucan is more than TWICE as powerful as globular competitor glucans taken orally, or competitor glucans that reaggregate back into globular glucan even if micronized and this means ALL competitor beta glucans and is prepared by a proprietary process protected by U.S. Patent 6,476,003 and other U.S. Patents Pending.

The dis-aggregated, Sonicated, Microparticulate (MG) Glucan cost more because of the complex process patented in 2002 for producing this unique formula exclusive to NSC-24 products.  With MG Glucan™ your immune system then reacts faster, much more powerfully, in greater numbers, and with improved recognition capabilities, to fight back against the myriad of “non-self” invaders seeking to destroy your health. 

Beta glucans, based on extensive research at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, also provide nutritional activation of immune cells, which in turn promotes healthy white immune cell, red blood cell and platelet reproduction after treatments such as radiation.  This characteristic is critical to minimize side effects and speed recovery from immune suppression.

Would you really want a policeman to pick up a rock and aim it at a burglar in your home? Then why would you want to arm your body with rocks instead of high-powered MG Glucan Immunition™ to naturally win your personal body war?  

A recent U.S. Patent without equivocation states

“…upon oral administration, the smaller or finer particle sized glucan is …more readily absorbed compared to … larger sized glucan particles.  …The preferred particle size of the fine ground glucan product is about 1.0 micron or less.”

A daily serving of 3 to 10 milligrams of MG Glucan is suggested by research to nutritionally potentiate your immune response. If you have any questions, always check with your personal health professional.  Note, Beta glucans are similar to automobiles with quality ranges from rent-a-wreck to Rolls Royce. NSC-24 Immunition MG Glucan was the original oral Beta glucan supplement on the market (classified GRAS by the FDA as derived from Baker’s yeast) and maintains its superiority in today’s dietary supplement market surrounded by mediocre or ineffective Beta glucan competitors.  Accept no substitutes because there are no equals!  NSC is a research corporation with products and brings both pride and Medical School support to back up product representations.   

Comparison to Other Immune System Stimulants 

The supplement market has become flooded with different immune response products in recent times, as recognition of the importance of the immune system in naturally preventing and conquering health pathogens. Proper diet, adequate rest, moderate exercise, positive attitude and stress reduction with multiple vitamin, mineral and enzyme supplementation are essential to proper immune system health.  But more is still needed due to our almost universal lack of discipline over time in life style.

Most immunologist become concerned with over-stimulation of the immune response because, as with an army of soldiers, you do not want your armed combatants fighting 24/7 without proper rest and recovery time to be at peak in combat.  Unfortunately, many products sold as immune stimulants are similar to guided missiles constantly firing indiscriminately into any target not deemed belonging in the body.

The good news is these guided missiles, represented by IP6, Cell Forte, and MGN-3 that stimulate NK (natural killer) cells are appropriate and good products in circumstances when an immediate activation of NK cells is needed, as in nutritionally stimulating the immune system to attack cancer cells. 

In plain English, this means the MG Glucan is unique in locking and loading the immune system weapons, but they do not induce continuous firing of the immune weapons.  For frequent and regular usage, a product should potentiate, but not stimulate the immune response.  This allows broader usage, even in some autoimmune situations when immune products are often discouraged.  Any usage of MG Glucan in an autoimmune situation should always be subject to your personal health care provider’s review and approval.

A second factor not addressed by other immune system activators, is the ability to increase the immune response awareness or ability to discern good guys (allergens) from the bad guys (pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi).  The MG Beta Glucan in essence puts glasses on the immune response nutritionally in antigen recognition and co- stimulatory signal enhancement to enable a reduction in inappropriate immune responses (allergies).

There are no magic bullets, but where your health is concerned, second best is not good enough!   As concluded in the peer-reviewed article from October 2002 previously referenced, with regard to MG Glucan ,

"A microparticulate form of B-glucan that remains in suspension longer for pharmaceutical applications and has superior immune potentiation characteristics has been developed."  

That "superior immune potentiation" Beta glucan, based on published peer-reviewed U.S. Medical School research, is MG Glucan processed in accord with U.S. Patent 6,476,003.


Hunter Jr. K.W,  Gault R.A., Berner M.D., "Preparation of microparticulate B-glucan from Saccharomyces cerevisiae for use in immune potentiation,"  Letters in Applied Microbiology, Vol 35- 4, Pp 267-271, October 2002

U.S. Patent 5702719; 1997.                     U.S. Patent 6,476,003; 2002

Hunter K.W., Gault  R.A. Jordan F.M., “Mode of Action of B-Glucan Immunopotentiators,” University of Nevada, Dept of Microbiology, School of Medicine sponsored by Nutritional Supply Corporation. 1998-2002.

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