Volume III, No. 5  Frank M. Jordan, Editor

Cancer and the Immune Response

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What is Cancer and How Does It Attack the Body?

While our country is under attack by terrorist and nature, you and I similarly are in a body war every minute, with our deadliest health enemy being cancer.  The most common cause of death in the U.S. is cancer, accounting currently for 1 in 2 mortalities, with Americans dying of cancer at a rate approximately equivalent to ten times those who died in the 9/11 terrorist attack or deadly hurricanes – every month!  Billions spent in research have barely dented death statistics.

Cancer is any of a group of more than 200 diseases with symptoms of unrestrained growth of cells in one of the body organs or tissues.  The most common form of cancer is carcinoma which originates in the skin or in the glandular tissue such as the breast or prostate gland.  Another form of cancer, sarcoma, affects connective and supportive tissue such as bone, muscle, cartilage and fat.  Melanomas are more serious, often, but not always, manifested as skin cancers. Lymphomas affect the lymphatic system throughout the body, while leukemia’s are cancers of the blood-forming organs.

Did you know many health professionals believe we each are confronted with cancer attacking our bodies from annually to at minimum several times during life, but your immune system when at peak recognizes, attacks and destroys the cancerous cells before potentially deadly growth and multiplication!

Prevention is promoted with proper lifestyle including nutrition, standard and so-called alternative treatments including nutritional supplements.  Permissible treatments logically should be expanded to include these same factors proven safe and effective, in addition to the standards of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to place the patient’s welfare as the number one priority.

When not destroyed immediately by your immune cells, the new cancer cells avoid the usual controls on growth and multiplication in normal cells. The growth begins when the genes controlling cell growth and multiplication called oncogenes are transformed by cancer-causing agents named carcinogens into cancer cells.

Normal cells can have a malignant change to become a cancer infested cell. These small groups of abnormal cancer cells divide more rapidly than the normal surrounding cells.  The fast multiplication results in invasion and destruction of normal body cells. The abnormal cells usually show a lack of “differentiation,” meaning they no longer perform their unique roll as normal cells in maintaining good health.  Cancerous cells act as uncontrollable parasites, consuming needed nutrients while contributing nothing except malnutrition.

If not killed and removed, these cancerous cells can then spread (metastasize) via the bloodstream and lymphatic system to other parts of the body from their original site and potentially be fatal if causing organs to fail.

Your immune response is critical to recognizing and then eliminating or controlling cancer because cancerous tumors develop and multiply when the white immune cells fail to recognize, respond and kill the cancerous cell invaders. If not in a condition to effectively respond, the immune response often fails to respond timely when overwhelmed due to the massive number of corrupted cancer cells that have multiplied rapidly when undetected and unchecked.

What Do Cancer and Fetal Development Cells Have in Common?

Cancer cells are similar to fetal development cells called trophoblast that are responsible for the enormous growth from inception of a human child to day 55-60.  The pancreas then starts working, secreting an enzyme called chymotrypsin. Trophoblast cells are negatively charged with a protein coating that repels white immune cells to prevent your immune system from destroying the developing child.

At the proper time in the body, chymotrypsin destroys the protein coating, with the result the abnormally fast growth ceases and normal baby development continues.  Unfortunately, almost all cancer cells exhibit this same protein coating with the negative charge that repels immune cells.  If pancreatic enzyme production is impaired, as in diabetes or from fungal infections, cancer cells hide from the immune cells thus avoiding attack and removal. Supplemental proteolytic enzymes are believed to be beneficial nutritional supplements in cases of pancreatic enzyme production.

A Healthy Versus Suppressed Immune Response

When your immune response is in peak condition, it is better able to recognize the cancerous cells quickly and respond to kill the health invaders rapidly in most instances.  A suppressed or impaired immune response exposes a body to both development and spread (metastasis) of too-often deadly cancer cells in the body.

We are often our own worst enemies instead of helping in our body war against cancer.  Diets are poor, we exercise little, rest inadequately and stress too much.  Our immune systems are suppressed with excessive free radicals (rogue molecules that damage cells similar to sparking wires) and nutrient delivery is impaired due to high toxicity and high acidity in the body.

Free radicals arrive in toxins entering our systems, including 4,000+ legal food additives.  Sugar is the food of cancer with a cancer cell having 92 sugar receptors compared to a normal cell with 4.  Cancer could be increasing because we now eat an average of 150 lbs a year of sugar compared to only 5 lbs in 1904!  Cancer also thrives in an acidic rather than balanced body. Keeping the pH balanced with low acidity is essential to fighting cancer.

Add as negatives the presence of polluted air, most tap water; in addition to pathogens such as parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses. Mix in heavy metals, particularly with dental work and toxic chemicals. Genetic factors damaging cellular DNA (together with caffeine) join immunological weaknesses in certain cancer types and cases.

Present Cancer Treatments – The Facts

The most common treatment in 50% of cancer cases is chemotherapy, but success unfortunately occurs in too few cases (2 to 25%). Success percentage is highest in cancer forms such as ovarian cancer in women, testicular cancer in men and Duke’s C, a form of colon cancer. Chemo often shrinks tumor size but does not kill all the cancer cells, while being injurious to other cells as collateral damages.

How many cancer patients have heard the words, “We got it all but we want to do preventive chemotherapy to be sure!” Because chemotherapy ingredients often attempt to curtail rapidly multiplying cancer cells, other rapidly multiplying cells such as hair, nails and skin can also be negatively effected (hair loss, pallor, etc.) by multiple treatments.

Dr. Ralph Moss, author of Questioning Chemotherapy, explains his contention most people confuse decreased tumor size withdisappearance of disease. The association appears logical, but no known significant proof exists to support the connectionStatistics too often are skewed due to study drop-outs, age limitations on participants and even statistical definitions such as “mitigate” interpreted as an absence of cancer for a five year period from diagnosis.

Even more disturbing, chemotherapy and radiation are recognized carcinogens that can cause rather than mitigate cancer while increasing dangerous excess acidity which promotes and environment in the body for cancer growth.   Because of toxicity, chemotherapy and radiation are always spaced out time-wise between treatments, allowing the cancer cells often to multiply rapidly in the interim.

The Biopsy Dilemma in Metastasis

An irony can occur during a biopsy of an encapsulated tumor believed to be cancerous because of potential tumor perforation. If the biopsy procedure perforates a malignant tumor, cancer cells can be released into the blood stream to metastasize that are otherwise contained.  Sadly, a biopsy that can cause metastasis is often performed for legal reasons just before a surgery scheduled to prevent metastasis!  If scheduled for cancer tumor surgery, ask for straight answers about the biopsy status and risk before the surgery.

Alternative therapies are often criticized for not being adequately tested according to scientific standards, but many “accepted” treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation, have very limited success with dubious suspect definitions to demonstrate positives.  In fact, a “cure” is now defined as being alive 5 years after diagnosis – not cured for life.  Present “cure rates” deceptively including non-life-threatening forms of cancer such as simple skin cancers.

This makes cure rates of 50% or more appear knowingly deceptive by the cancer and pharmaceutical industry due to deceptive statistic practices.  This is a moral crime against the victims of cancer in giving knowingly unrealistic “cure” rates.

Why Does Pharmaceuticals Research Virtually Ignore Alternative Cancer Treatments?

Alternative treatments are almost universally non-toxic to normal healthy cells in the body while the body is trying to recover from cancer.  How can nutrition be an “alternative” treatment while injecting synthetic chemicals is mainstream?  Hopefully the answer isn’t money, but the facts too often indicate otherwise. While surgery, chemotherapy and radiation target specific areas of the body, alternative treatments usually approach cancer as a whole-body disease requiring an adequate immune response to better attack cancer cells throughout the body.

Why won’t giant pharmaceuticals market natural and alternative cancer treatments?  The current system for a cancer drug to be approved by the FDA requires $800+ million dollars and years in research and approval time. Additionally, a natural cancer treatment is not patentable; a protection needed to assure exclusivity, recovery of the huge investment and substantial profits over a long-time period.

Being unpatentable makes the extensive time and huge expenditure uneconomic.  Unless the system is changed, a natural form of treating cancer will almost certainly never be marketed by a major pharmaceutical.  Medical schools also often participate in patent profits. Interrelationships between those regulating and those manufacturing have become more prevalent and disturbing in assessing the possible abuse of objectivity, although most in the regulatory agencies are well-intended and working within a system determined too often by politicians and contributors.

Doctors – Forced Denial by the Present Medical System

Patients many times are not aware that even if their health care provider wants to try a treatment forced to be classified as alternative, in most states the doctor is not legally allowed to prescribe or even recommend anything but surgery, chemotherapy and radiation due to the perceived rigidity of antiquated Standards of Practice or Care.

Are physicians being taught nutrition and other alternative applications in Medical School in a positive and sufficient manner?  The answer unfortunately is no, with little change anticipated.  Why can’t we use the best of all health sciences with the patient – not the dollar – as our primary objective in application?

Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan Nutritionally Helps to Normalize Immune Cells

The failure of the immune response to first recognize and then attack and kill cancer tumors is a major contributing factor to the ability of the disease to multiply and spread quickly within the body.

Medical School research demonstrates immune cells can often be normalized when substandard to nutritionally better recognize cancer attempting to hide in normal cells by a naturally occurring biomolecule named Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan.  Recent medical school studies have also indicated a uniform micronized size of particulate Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan yields enhanced ingestion by the macrophage white immune cells.

This potent immune potentiator and modulator, insoluble particulate Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan, is extracted from Baker’s yeast without change in chemical composition of the Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan.  Baker’s yeast from which the Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan is most often extracted and Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan are is classified G.R.A.S. by the FDA, or a safe dietary ingredient (go to  and click on FDA GRAS).  Properly processed micronized and uniform particulate Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan, taken orally, nutritionally normalizes the white immune cells. When normalized and present in adequate numbers, the ability of the white immune cells  to recognize and respond appropriately to cancerous cells is enhanced. Recognition of potentially harmful non-self in the body is critical to early elimination by immune cells of any pathogen, particularly as we age. Consult with your physician before using any nutritional supplement.

Additional Natural and Nutritional Aids to Promote Wellness

In diet, eliminate sugar and white refined products while controlling weight as a factor linked to cancer, especially in women.  Limit dental and medical x-rays and dental procedures such as enamel and porcelain caps, root canals and crowns with toxic silver/nickel.

The world of science continues in its quest for a cure for cancer.  In the interim the scientific, medical and integrative supplement segments should join together with the objective to provide physical, mental and spiritual aids to those fighting the cancer battle. As one small example, nature has provided the nutritional molecule, Beta 1,3/1,6 d glucan, and research (  has demonstrated benefits in immune cell normalization from oral supplementation.

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